Frequently Asked Questions

When I launch the ionit software I get an error message about Dynamic DLL Relocation. How do I fix this?
The solution is located under the “Windows Error Patches and Updates” section of the support tab. Click on this link to go directly there and download the fix: CLICK HERE

I need a serial number for my installation, where can I locate this?
In order to provide maximum security to our customers, we require that you contact your reseller for this information. The resellers can then contact their Ionit sales rep for the information.

How do I burn video to a CD?
The following document contains instructions on this feature of your ionit. IONIT CD BURNING GUIDE

How do I playback video on my ionit?
The following document contains instructions on this operation in the ionit software.

How do I setup a remote client?
The following documents contain instructions on this ionit utility.
Ionit LAN Server Software Setup (.pdf file)
Ionit WAN Server Software Setup (.pdf file)

Where can I locate the serial number of my Ionit DVR?
The serial number will be located in various locations depending on the model you have. If it is an ionit rack or server the serial number will be located inside the front doors of the unit or in the front right corner of the top panel of the unit.
If you own an ion/tower/i-cube unit, the serial number will be located on one of the outside panels or rear of the unit.

Example Serial Number (ES000000 or 123456)

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