Founded in 1998, Chicago-based Ionit Technologies has been an industry pioneer in advancing compression technologies and new product development. As we enter a new decade, and while continuing to lead the industry in providing advanced digital video solutions for traditional uses in security, safety, and process control, Ionit is now expanding its product offerings into the areas of business analytics, sophisticated enterprise management software and hybrid video recording. Ionit now can provide more than simply a video surveillance solution to our diversified client base.

To our retail sector, Ionit is proud to introduce the ionitRetail Suite : a new multi-functional hybrid video recording (HVR) solution combining Ionit’s industry leading compression technology with advanced business intelligence, video analytics, and monitoring sensors. The ionitRetail suite also includes ionitPOS, a transaction process management software providing users the unprecedented ability to generate and automate point of sale exception reports that attach associated video with transaction data. This video verified data increases time efficiency and efficacy of LP audits. The ionitPOS feature provides owner/operators with a critical solution for modifying employee behavior and tangibly reducing a companies overall shrink.

More than a security solution, today’s surveillance system needs to be a valuable management and operational tool. Now that Ionit’s high compression video has been combined with intuitive business intelligence and data correlation solutions, Ionit users can get the complete picture of employees, customers and facilities. This enables
them to make well-informed, holistic decisions that will markedly improve their ROI.

For the enterprise customer, Ionit’s Enterprise Management Solution, ionitEMS, enables the customer with multiple sites/users having various administrative, operational, and investigative roles, to access networked Ionit recording platforms and view or program them as required. Optimizing access and control to thousands of streams of live or archived video, ionitEMS allows immediate access to situational intelligence, remote management and process control from a central location. A smarter allocation of limited resources means enhanced productivity and an improved bottom line for our customer.

With an increased market demand for HVRs, Ionit has developed a line of hybrid video solutions affording our customers the ability to use existing analog equipment and infrastructure while adding the more advanced and flexible IP camera technology - all in one platform. This allows clients to prudently migrate from already wired analog systems to IP without having to make the immediate, all-at-once large expenditure.

Ionit’s foundation was built on our industry leading compression technology which to date is unmatched in the DVR sector. The ionit line of DVR solutions remains an exceptional, affordable solution for security, safety, process control and remote managing. Whether it’s for enterprise organizations or the small business entrepreneur, Ionit has a customized solution for your customers’ needs.

“As Ionit migrates to the next level of video based intelligence solutions, our partners in sales and distribution will be instrumental in launching Ionit’s solution-based systems in the future. Ionit’s readily networked solutions, ability to add third party business intelligence software and unprecedented opportunity to manage our systems makes
Ionit the solution of choice for enterprise users.”


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