POS Transaction Process Management Software


Key Features:
  • Average transaction view time: 5 seconds
  • Interfacing capability with all Legacy POS systems
  • PCI compliant
  • Independent operation from the sites POS system
  • Multiple filters available for POS data analysis
  • Scan gap identification
  • User specific search criteria
  • Self-diagnostic POS malfunction detection
  • Exact correlation between line item and video image
  • "Sweethearting" detection (filter specific)
  • Auto Filter: Schedule filters to run a batch on a schedule to automatically filter and compile transaction data and video to central workstation
Product Information Sheet
Technical Datasheet

The ionitPOS is transaction process management software providing users the unprecedented ability to generate and automate point of sale exception reports; attaching associated video with transaction data. Combining live POS data with live digital video allows managers and loss prevention auditors to review process errors and fraudulent activity - dramatically decreasing the amount of time it takes LP to do audits and increasing the effectiveness of such audits.

Synchronizing all POS transactions with the corresponding digital video images, every transaction can be reviewed frame by frame. With the aid of 240 filters, the user is able to focus on the transactions and process errors. moreover, the transactions of interest can be automatically filtered and batched with the video clips at prescheduled, dedicated times. Combining this feature with Ionit’s optimized video compression, allows the operator to schedule video and data downloads during off peak hours to manage bandwidth constraints.

Examples of items that can be searched and verified with ionitPOS video verification software include, but are not limited to – product descriptions, coupons, returns, scan gaps, manual key entry, voided items, age related verification, vouchers, PLU/SKU search processing.

The ionitPOS solution will assist any retailer in changing and modifying employee behavior and company procedures; reducing shrink and increasing the retailer’s bottom line.

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