Video-Centric Business Intelligence and Retail Data Correlating Solution


Key Features:

  • Web-based Interface
  • Conversion Rates
  • Stand & dwell data
  • Traffic management
  • Facial detection
  • Heat map
  • Customized Automated Reports
  • Store data aggregation
  • Data mining & analytics
  • POS integration
  • External data integration
  • Event management
  • Event-based video search
  • Analog and IP camera support
  • Video viewing & management
  • Video quality management
  • Interactive map & schematic view mirroring store layout
  • Video bandwidth optimization
  • External DVR integration
Product Information Sheet
Technical Datasheet

The ionitRetail Suite is Ionit’s new Hybrid Video Recording system; combining Ionit’s industry leading compression technology with state of the art business intelligence, video analytics and monitoring sensors. this means you can get two exceptional products, one for loss prevention and one for retail analysis, rolled into a single solution.

The ionitRetail Suite includes the most comprehensive video analytic features available on the market. With high resolution and exceptional accuracy, the ionitRetail HVR is able to provide people counting, queue times, dwell times, traffic counts and facial detection for measuring in-store shopper engagement. these features can be integrated with a company’s POS and employee time card systems to yield conversion rates per shopper, aisle and SKU. It can also compare traffic counts and conversion rates against staffing levels to allow better management of every company’s most expensive asset; its people.

While other security-driven HVRs can offer some basic business intelligence, and while many independent analytic programs exist, Ionit’s advantage is its ability to compress the video file size. this means that you can get two exceptional products, one for loss prevention and one for retail analysis, rolled into one solution.

The ionitRetail solution permits the simultaneous use of both the less expensive analog cameras and the positioning flexibility of IP cameras. Since all of the video compression in Ionit’s two-in-one box is performed on a DSP chip, 95% of the CPU of the computer unit is free for running additional applications. this means that greater integration can take place in the same box saving both dollars and physical space.

Quality, affordability, adaptability and scalability: the ionitRetail HVR makes this video-centric business intelligence solution available to every client.

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