Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

Video Surveillance Platform Delivering Faster Frame Rates and New Software Features

Key Features:

    • Video search/playback by time, date, alarm, etc.
    • Continuous (24/7) recording on 16 analog cameras.
    • "My Channels" feature enables viewing of multiple DVRs at the same time from a remote location.
    • Intelligent, multi-zone motion detection.
    • Stream live video to remote client for alarm verification

The ionitRT combines Ionit's advanced compression technology with the latest user-friendly software.  As a result, businesses are able to store exponentially more data on a standard hard drive than  competitors' DVRs.  Global recording rate of 480 FPS.  Some are keeping 2+ years of 24/7 recording at 15 ips.  Ionit offers a 30 day recording guarantee ensuring that 16 fixed color cameras will record 24/7 at 15 images per second, per camera (240 ips global recording) on our standard system. 

The ionitRT also offer greater networking capabilities, seamlessly delivering high-resolution images over LAN and WAN while using a fraction of the bandwidth required by competitors'.  The result is a first-rate video recorder and an invaluable enterprize management tool.  As will all Ionit solutions, this line offers a simple interface; providing the ability to remotely access video, mark for easy retrieval and transfer the video to a remote operator.

ionitRT High Performance DVR
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Rack: ionitRT High Performance Series Download data sheet 

Tower: ionitRT High Performance Series Download data sheet
ionitRT G-Series DVR
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Rack: ionitRT G-Series Download data sheet   
ower: ionitRT G-Series Download data sheet

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Utilizing Ionit's optimized H.264 advanced video compression, the i-Cube provides superior digital recording at an affordable price  the i-Cube is available in 4 or 8 channel configurations recording at 120 and 240 ips and the perfect video recording solution for small businesses.

Operating with simplicity, users can view live video and retrieve archived video on a standard TV/monitor (BNC) or VGA to LCD screen.  System is easily operated using the included remote control or a standard USB mouse.  Remote access to live and archived video with either Internet Explorer® and the ionit CMS. 

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