The Ionit Advantage


Greater compression means Ionit can transmit more digital video information using a fraction of the bandwidth of its competitors.  Any company’s IT department can incorporate the Ionit system into its local or wide area network with the full confidence that network performance will not be adversely impacted. 

Less bandwidth usage also means that authorized personnel can instantly access high quality live and recorded images from anywhere on the network, as well as over the Internet from anywhere in the world.  The Ionit solution not only provides facilities with a first-rate surveillance system, but also with a powerful enterprise management tool giving security and administrative personnel alike, unprecedented access to a particular facility or enterprise-wide activities.

Ionit encourages any customer’s IT department  to verify its data transfer rates against those of competing products using a network “sniffer”, empirically demonstrating that Ionit systems deliver high resolution images at faster frame rates using less bandwidth. This head to head comparison not only differentiates Ionit’s performance from that of the competition, but also assures the corporate IT professional up-front that a truly enterprise class video system is deployable.


Scale in size, scale in functional capacity. Seamless control and management of enterprise systems from a central point reduces the overall cost of operations while increasing efficiency.  Connect, monitor, configure and maintain any networked system (10,000 plus systems) enterprise-wide from a single keyboard. 

Ionit systems’ use of DSP technology for video compression leaves 95% of the systems Quad-Core CPU capacity “free” for third party software integrations.  Accordingly, our customers can implement any number of complimentary solutions in the same box, including the latest video analytics and business intelligence software.

Further, Ionit’s customers can easily integrate with alarm, access control, POS, ATMs, and other essential management, safety and security systems, for truly enterprise class functionality.


Clearly, Ionit’s primary competitive edge rests in its superior digital video compression capabilities.  Greater compression translates into smaller video file sizes meaning that Ionit can store exponentially more data, on the same size hard drive, than its competitors. In practical terms, while others utilize more and more hard drives and thus additional points of failure to capture video on motion, Ionit is able to guarantee customers 30 days of continuous recording on 16 cameras at 640x480 resolution, up to 15 images per second, per camera on a 250 gigabyte hard drive.  Several Ionit models can record at 30fps/480 global fps. RAID configurations are available for those requiring this feature.

Video content is increasingly important to the enterprise customer and therefore the security professional.  Ionit affords these users the most complete and continuous record function, not one based on motion capture alone. 


Ionit understands the paramount importance of system stability when it comes to networked security and surveillance. Ionit delivers that stability. First, greater compression means less stress on the system’s central components resulting in a more stable system.  Second, Ionit ensures optimal system performance today and tomorrow by utilizing forward migrateable hardware “platforms.”  This combination of superior technology and sound design engineering enables Ionit to offer its customers a 3-year warranty on its core systems.


Ionit prides itself on providing exceptional support for its customers; value added resellers and their customers.  Ionit’s sales and technical staff provide training and support at every stage of the process. Whether it is providing assistance with customer presentations, helping with network configurations, designing custom software and integrations, or providing timely and effective technical and warranty support, Ionit has the tools and the expertise to meet and exceed customer expectations in design, implementation and performance.

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