Ionit Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced digital video solutions used for security, surveillance, safety, process control, and management purposes. Founded in 1998 and based in Chicago, Illinois, Ionit has been at the forefront of compression technology. More than a decade later, Ionit continues to focus on developing products and services that utilize our optimized H.264 codec and high performance digital video compression algorithms.

This relentless innovation and commitment to excellence, together with strategic technology partnerships, affords the Ionit customer the next level of networked video and data correlation tools necessary to today’s enterprise environment. With customers in virtually all vertical markets, we know the challenges that modern businesses face and are committed to providing the customized solutions and services they seek. Ionit hybrid solutions incorporate both encoded analog and IP cameras, while Ionit’s Enterprise Management Software provides advanced command and control features, video management, and system component status. Integrated analytics provide true business intelligence to the operations, merchandising, customer relations, and security concerns of virtually any organization.

Ionit also firmly believes in corporate responsibility and we are privileged to give back to both our local community and international charitable organizations.

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